An Impossible Poison – join Bidisha at Spike Island

We are pleased to be hosting a very special event with Bidisha and Taban Othman at Spike Island on 17 May.

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Over the past few months, conversations have raged about Me Too, feminism, and women’s representation in film, literature and wider culture.
In her debut film, the writer, broadcaster and journalist Bidisha explores issues around gender, violence and control. Her work is beautiful, challenging and designed to provoke discussion.
This very special event brings Bidisha together with award-winning filmmaker Taban Othman, who now lives in Bristol having left Iraqi Kurdistan. The pair will be screening their films and then will join Sian Norris in conversation. Together they will discuss the inspirations and motivations behind their work, the challenges facing women of colour in the film industry, and how, post Me Too, we can encourage women’s stories to be told, heard and respected.



Bidisha is a journalist, filmmaker and broadcaster for BBC radio, BBC TV and SKY. She is a Trustee of the Booker Prize Foundation and writes regularly for The Guardian and the Times Literary Supplement. Her fifth book is Asylum and Exile: Hidden Voices(2015) and her debut short film is An Impossible Poison (2017).

Taban Yasin Othman

Taban Yasin Othman is an experimental film maker.

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