Online modernist reading group: H.D

This fortnight we’ll be looking at H.D or Hilda Doolittle.

H.D was one of the original ‘imagist’ poems, as well as the author of the extraordinary novel Hermione. She called her daughter Perdita, fittingly.

Her memoir of Freud, A Tribute to Freud, is also well worth your time.

But today we’re looking at her poems, a selection of which are available online. I’d encourage you to browse around although would add that Apollo at Delphi is a favourite of mine.

Things to think about? H.D is an imagiste. That means trying to eschew techniques like metaphor or simile, to write the image of the thing. How does this affect the poetry? What do you think of it? Does she succeed?


You can read about the modernist women of Paris in my new book, available for Kindle.


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