Online reading group: Ada

How is everyone getting on with reading Ada?

Fancy making this online reading group a bit more dynamic?

We’ll host a live Twitter chat at 12pm on Thursday 19 January. 12pm GMT.

The hashtag will be #modernistwomen #ada

And it’ll kick off on Sian’s Twitter handle, @sianushka

All you need to do to join in is use the tag or @ sian in with your thoughts and reflections on Ada.

We want to know what you liked – or didn’t like – about it. Whether this is your first experience reading Stein or if you’re an old fan. What you think of her use of repetition. What you think about its subject. What you think Stein is trying to say. And why she’s trying to say it.

Don’t have Twitter? Don’t panic!

We’ll create a post on the BWLF Facebook page that you can leave your comments on. And if you don’t have Facebook, then just comment on this blogpost at 12pm on Thursday.

As soon as the discussion is done, we’ll post another text to read, and re-convene for another chat a fortnight later.

Happy reading!


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