Some news and an update

Hi Bristol Women’s Literature Festival fans

As you may know, when I conceived the BWLF I imagined it would take place every two years, which would mean 2017 would see the next festival.

However, 2015 was quite a hectic year for me with lots of personal upheaval, and 2016 has been spent moving house, finishing my book and moving jobs. So the time I would have spent planning 2017’s events has had to be spent instead doing those three major life things.

That said, yesterday myself and three amazing women had a meeting about plans to relaunch the festival. Nothing is set in stone and a lot depends on whether we can get funding etc. But we figured if we were going to do it, we needed to give ourselves enough time to do it well. So we are hoping to bring back a weekend programme of festival events in spring 2018.

That coincides nicely with the centenary of women getting the vote, so you know, makes sense.

In the meantime, we’ll programme some fringe events throughout 2017 to whet your appetite.

In other news, I’ll be taking up the position of Writer in Residence at Spike Island in the New Year for four months. I’ll be using my residency to produce three literary showcase events – one of which will be women-only and all of which will be advertised here as part of the BWLF programme. I’ll also be curating an online reading group of 1920s women which will be hosted on this website.

So although 2018 feels a long way off, 2017 will be packed with BWLF conversations, plans and events. I hope to see you online and offline for many of them!


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