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Look out, it’s Emergenc(i)es

We’re posting this on behalf of this exciting new Bristol project.

6-17 June 2016, Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol, BS2 0NW.
Two weeks of workshops, screenings, performances, thinking, art and discussions will create time and space to diagnose, explore and understand the world we live in. The full, and up to date programme, can be accessed here.
All sessions at Emergenc(i)es are free to attend, thanks to generous funding from Awards for All.
Emergenc(i)es is an activist-led exhibition to address the question of emergence within emergency.
Emergenc(i)es will explore three themes:
1. Improvised Publics
How can improvisation be used to create social relationships?
Eight lunchtime ‘gatherings’ (Tue-Fri, 12-2pm) will take place at Emergenc(i)es. Gatherings will create time and space for people to share stories, gestures, noise, food, community and whatever else emerges in the encounter.
Workshops facilitated by experienced practitioners such as Maggie Nicols and Corey Mwamba will introduce participants to the social and creative art of improvisation. Martin Crowley will discuss aesthetics, participation and contemporary social conditions. There will also be performances from Bela Emerson, Ben Owen, Anushiye Yarnell and abher behn that include improvised elements.
2. Control and Calculation
What is the relationship between the digital, calculation and control? What is ‘big data’, and how is it connected to ‘smart cities’ and the ‘internet of things’? How do we, as everyday users of digital technologies, help to create wealth for large multinational companies? Should we be paid for our time and labour?
Workshops, performances, visual art and installations from the Immaterial Labour Union Zine, Arne Hintz and Lina Dencik from the Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society project, Katia Barrett & Jan Adriaans, Edson Burton, Hannah Schling, Lídia Pereira and Dušan Mihajlović (A.K.A. “Dr. Spira”) will respond to this theme.
3. Inheriting Liberation
Education at Emergenc(i)es is imagined as a public process of inheritance that has potential to liberate how people think and feel, and what they know about the world.
Per/forming Pharmacy, facilitated by Alex Wardrop and Georgie Huntley, will encourage participants to explore the therapeutic potential of informal education and Charlotte Cooper will discuss research justice. Sessions from Madhu Krishnan, Ann Heilmann, Shannon Woodcock and Nathaniel Adam Tobias C——— will encourage reflection on the historical legacies and thinkers we use to understand the present. Jacob V Joyce will display their Alphabetical Anthology of White Liberal Proverbs.
A facilitated reading group will take place 10-12pm, Tue-Fri, throughout the whole exhibition. We will read writing by the Organisation for Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD), Wilmette Brown, Frantz Fanon, Kathleen McKittrick, Tiziana Terranova and Sylvia Wynter. A reading pack is accessible here.
On Friday 17 June, 10-12pm we will screen One World In Relation, Manthia Diawara’s film about the work of Édouard Glissant.
Everyone is welcome to Emergenc(i)es. All activities and performances are free attend, no booking is required, please just turn up. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary to participate in workshops or reading groups. Facilitators will do their best to ensure that material is presented in ways that are accessible to non-experts. We hope to create an environment where questioning is welcomed, developed and supported.
Trinity Centre is a wheelchair accessible venue

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