Zymbol: A kickstarter we can all get behind

We’re big fans of Zymbol here at the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival, not least because they are committed to promoting women’s writing in their magazine. In fact, they told us that they always aim for 50:50 gender split in the mag which is exactly what we would like more literary journals to do. After all, if women aren’t seeing themselves represented, then that sends a big message back to women who want to write.

So when Zymbol asked us to promote their kickstarter, we were happy to.

If you don’t know about Zymbol yet, here’s the blurb:

Zymbol is a twice yearly print magazine of new surreal art and literature.


Zymbol was founded in Boston in 2012 and conceived as an international publication. Since we ourselves are international travelers, it wasn’t long before our editors were working remotely – from Toronto, Bristol, Taiwan, Beirut, and so on. But every rolling stone must eventually stop and gather some moss. And what better place to gather moss than Ireland?Today, we call Dublin home, with 5 of our staff working in the capital, and a network of international correspondents. That’s right – we’re a transatlantic publication. And the oaky tones of our video narration? None other than Dublin-based performance poet Daniel Wade.

In the spirit of true internationalism, Zymbol is available at bookstores in several countries. We’re proud to give this global platform to our contributors, most of whom are emerging talents who have never reached such a widespread audience before. The magazine allows artists and writers to come together and create beautiful fusions, inspired by the new, and seemingly worldwide, fascination with surrealism.


So, please donate to support this inspired and inspiring magazine!

Support Zymbol now


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