The World is Listening: Female is not a genre event

Our sisters at The World is Listening – a project devoted to supporting women musicians – have a brilliant event coming up on Sunday 27 September.

Here’s the blurb…

The World is Listening continue their quest to celebrate and represent women in music, and sparking the conversation about the cause and effect of the gender gap in the music industry.

They bring their second public discussion in Bristol to Fyfe Hall, upstairs in the Trinity Centre, debating the topic ‘Female is not a genre’, lead by 3 excellent guest speakers and our host, TWIL co-founder, Emma Hooper. The talk will be followed by an open forum where you can ask questions of our panel. Scroll below for more details on each speaker.

Expect a hands on discussion looking at the culture of musicians being labelled ‘female’ (‘female drummer’, ‘female singer’, ‘female songwriter), the sexism behind the craze (as Caitlin Moran says, to figure out if some sexism is happening at you, ask if the same applies to men), and also the benefit, need or desire to identify as female in the music industry, or just, as a human.

Speakers include Anya Pearson, a musician and writer for Fabian Society and The Guardian, Roxanne de Bastion, musician and writer for The Girls Are magazing, and Eva Lazarus, a pillar for women in music in Bristol as a performer and Patron of the new Saffron Records.
6pm Meet & Greet
7pm Debate
8-11pm DJ set with Miss Radida!
Fyfe Hall, Trinity Centre, Bristol BS2 0NW

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