A HUGE thank you

Well, the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival is over for another year – and what a year it was!

Thank you to:

Watershed, for providing a fantastic venue and for all their support over the past year.

Festival of Ideas for their promotion of the event and their endless moral, emotional and practical support.

Foyles for providing the book stall.

The Bristol Palestine Film Festival for their collaboration on the Poetry, Prose and Palestine event.

Jezebel Productions for granting permission to screen Paris was a Woman.

A huge thank you to all our speakers:

Finn Mackay, Helen Lewis and Beatrix Campbell on the Women, Feminism and Journalism panel.

Selma Dabbagh and Alice Guthrie on Poetry, Prose and Palestine.

Dr Emma Rees who talked about the literary and cultural history of the vagina.

Professor Helen Hackett who talked about women writers of Shakespeare’s Time.

Sarah Lefanu, Samantha Ellis, Amy Mason, Helen Mort and Michele Roberts on the Women Writing Today panel.

And thank you to all of you! Who came along, supported the event, shared your thoughts and questions and ideas. We couldn’t do it without you wonderful audience.

Thank you so so much!


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