Join your favourite women writers at The Salon – Wednesday 26 November

Just one day to go before our first BWLF event – the Salon!

In the spirit of Gertrude Stein, we’re inviting writers and readers to come together to share the work that inspires them, and – if they choose – their own writing too.

As such, we’re asking attendees to bring a piece of women’s writing that they love. It could be a poem, a paragraph from a novel, a section of a lecture – it’s up to you. We’ll then share our chosen pieces with the rest of the group – hopefully inspiring one another to discover new work by new writers.

Will you bring Woolf or Walker? Plath or Angelou? Aphra Behn or Jane Austen? One of the Bronte sisters, George Eliot…With so many inspiring writers to choose from the choices are endless.

Then, if you are a writer yourself, you can share a piece of your own work. Short stories, poems – bring whatever you like to share with the group!

We would request read pieces are not too long so everyone has an opportunity to share.

Where? Think Tank room, Hamilton House

When? 7pm

How much? Free but donations welcome

The Bristol Women’s Literature Festival is non-profit and non-funded. The hire cost for this room is around £30. We don’t want to charge entry but if you can bring a donation to help cover the costs of the room and the festival itself then that would be a great help. You can also donate via our website.


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