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This Book!

We’re a big fan of the This Book project which has just launched. 

Shining a spotlight on the books written by women, the site wants you to share which books written by women have had an impact on you. 

Where to start? Nightwood, The Claudine novels, I know why the caged bird sings, The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas, The Queen’s Fool, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Middlemarch, The Colour Purple, Pride and Prejudice, Beloved, The Valley of the Dolls, The Women’s Room, Small Changes, The Little White Horse, Little Women, Ballet Shoes, Quest for a Maid…the list is endless!

Then there are all the books written by the inspiring women who were part of last year’s festival – Theodora, Out of It, Petite Mort, The Lie, Freaky…

As part of the launch, the This Book want to see pics of you with your favourite book. So here’s one from us…our founder Sian Norris and that book what she wrote.




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