Interview with Feminist Create

Our founder, Sian, has been interviewed by the fantastic Feminist Create blog/organisation. 

From the website:


Feministcreate is an idea I that’s been floating around my head for a while. 

As a Creative Feminist my self, I can often be quite isolated in my practice, feeling like there’s no one who wants to hear or read my more political work. 

Events like ‘Where Are All The Women’, run by the Bristol Feminist Network, and the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival, organised by Sian Norris, opened my eyes to events dominated by feminists and so I’ve decided to reach out and start to get some of us together in one place (be it a virtual space)…

You or your work does not have to be only Feminist centred, we’re interested to see and hear about you whoever you are as a Feminist and whatever you do creatively.

I’m excited to see what happens next, do get in touch.

Jen Steiner, Founder of Feministcreate’

You can read the interview here. Feminist Create has an open submissions policy, so if you’re a creative feminist, you can get in touch via the website


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