Hurrah for Jane Austen!

Thank you everyone who came last night to the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival event on The Glory of Pride and Prejudice. We planned to celebrate Jane, and we did!

A huge thank you to Watershed and Bristol Festival of Ideas for their fantastic support and enthusiasm for the event and the festival itself. I couldn’t do it without them!

And, of course, a massive thank  you to our performers and speakers. Kim Hicks for her inspiring and engaging performance of Pride and Prejudice. Professor Helen Taylor for being a wonderful chair and supporter of the festival. And Professor Jane Spencer, Jean Burnett and Tiffany Spencer for their exciting, interesting and thought-provoking talks. 

If all the chat of the Bad Miss Bennett has inspired you to discover more of Lydia’s adventures, then you can buy Jean’s book, Who Needs Mr Darcy. And if you would like to see Kim’s interpretations of Austen again, all her details are on her website

Finally, thank you to everyone who came to the event and who supports the festival. You make it happen! 

Here’s some pics from the night…




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