Congratulations to Eleanor Catton for winning the Man Booker!

We were all thrilled to hear the news that Eleanor Catton last night became the youngest person to ever win the Booker for her novel, The Luminaries

This fantastic novel (which I’m currently reading!) has huge breadth and ambition. It plays around with style and form, immersing you in the world of the nineteenth century novel whilst also immersing you in the corrupt, complex and cut throat world of the New Zealand gold fields. The characters and settings are vividly drawn, giving you that feeling that when Thomas Balfour addresses the crowd in the bar, you are seated with them on a stool in front of the fire. 

It’s a complicated book and the interwoven narratives of the characters demands your concentration. In fact, there is even a ‘re-cap’ chapter. But you want a book to make those demands of you. You want to feel involved in the complicated and confusing narratives of the characters, because life is just as complex. It’s intricately plotted and the descriptions are extravagant. It’s a curl up and read book, that rewards you for giving your time wholly to it. 

Well done Eleanor! 

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