Me and my book

A couple of years ago, well, rather more than a couple, I started writing a children’s book about cats. I entered it into a competition and sent it to some publishers and then forgot about it for a few years.


Then, when I decided to publish The Lightbulb Moment, I dug Greta and Boris out again to do a trial run of self publishing. There were quite a lot of things wrong with it, so I set about re-writing and was soon once more immersed in Greta’s magical adventures.


I sent a copy to Bidisha who had expressed an interest in reading it, and her review convinced me to try and get the thing published.

So I contacted John Hunt publishers who I knew had published Laurie Penny and Nina Power, and hurrah! They liked it and accepted it. There was some more editing to do, and my friend Rob Griggs worked on the illustrations – including the beautiful cover.

 And today, in the post, this arrived.



Not ashamed to say there were tears in my eyes when I opened the box. I love writing and having a book published has been my ambition ever since I wrote a book about a duck when I was five.

I’m now working on a grown up novel but I feel that Greta, Boris and Kyrie will be going on some more adventures soon.

You can pre-order Greta and Boris: a daring rescue on Amazon and it will be published on 29 March 2013.

If you are an agent and would like to represent me, please get in touch. As I say, I’m working on another book and will be writing a sequel for G&B soon so give me a shout!


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