Don’t forget: Lynn Shepherd talk on Monday night!

Chase away those Monday blues and come to lovely Foyles on Monday 18th Feb to meet Lynn Shepherd, author of A Treacherous Likeness. 

The book explores the dark secrets and intermingled lives of Shelley, Mary Shelley and the romantic poets. Through the process of writing it, she has made many fascinating discoveries about the lives of the Shelleys that offer new and shocking answers to some of the unexplained mysteries about the couple. 

She told Foyles:

I’ve been fascinated by the Young Romantics’ circle for years, but my novelistic antennae really started twitching when I was looking for a follow-up subject after Tom-All-Alone’s, and started to read Richard Holmes’ wonderful biography of Percy Bysshe Shelley, which then led on to Miranda Seymour’s life of Mary Shelley, who was of course the author of Frankenstein. The more I read about the strange and inexplicable gaps in the story of the Shelleys’ lives, the more I realised that there was the possibility to write my own story – a story which could make sense of all those mysterious events and echoing silences that Shelley’s biographers have so far been unable to explain.”

To reserve your place for Monday’s talk, contact Foyles today


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