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ITV to show new two-part drama by Emilia di Girolamo

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you. TV writer, Emilia di Girolamo, who will be speaking at our event on bringing feminist issues to a television audience, has had a new two-part drama ordered by ITV.

The Poison Tree has been adapted by Emilia from the novel by Erin Kelly, and will star MyAnna Buring, Ophelia Lovibond and Matthew Goode.

You can read our interview with Emilia on Sian and Crooked Rib, where she talks about how she wrote about gang rape for Law and Order UK, and why bringing issues around violence against women and girls to a primetime audience is so important to her.


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Stella Duffy’s The Purple Shroud reviewed in the Guardian

Stella Duffy, who will be speaking as part of the ‘Women Writing Today’ panel at the festival, has had her latest novel ‘The Purple Shroud’ reviewed in the Guardian.

The Purple Shroud‘ continues the story of her last book, ‘Theodora: actress, empress, whore‘.

In the first novel, we follow the path of Theodora as she moves from the theatres and underworld of Constantinople to the desert and the palace of the Augusta. The Purple Shroud tells the tale of her life as wife of the Emperor, as the pair of them deal with war, riots, jealousy and plague.

Both books envelop you in the world of sixth century Constantinople and beyond. The sights, the smells, the sounds of the city come alive in Duffy’s writing. And the characterisation of Theodora herself is beautifully written – she comes alive on every page.

We’ll be publishing a full review here shortly, but in the meantime enjoy the Guardian review and if you haven’t bought both books yet – do it now!

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Launching the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival!

I am so excited to tell you about the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival, which will be taking place across the weekend of 16th-17th March at the Watershed.

It’s pretty simple. The festival is all about bringing together the best women writers, academics and commentators to talk about their work, their inspirations and the issues facing women writers today.

The festival has three aims:
1. To celebrate the diversity and creativity of women writers
2. To counter the male dominance of literature and cultural festival line-ups
3. To promote women’s writing and literary history

We’ll be joined by some of the best writing talent around, across three panel discussions along with a talk and film screening. So far, our speakers include Stella Duffy, Helen Dunmore, Kate Williams, Dr Helen Hackett, Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts, Emilia di Girolamo, Kristin Aune and Kat Banyard. Writer, critic, broadcaster and novelist Bidisha will be chairing the festival.

The programme includes:

Out of the Ivory Tower: writing feminism for a non-academic audience
Women’s Writing today: contemporary women writers discuss their fiction
Bluestockings and Muses: a history of women’s writing
Bringing women’s issues to a mainstream TV audience + film

Please keep an eye on this website. It’s going to be a hub of activity leading up to the festival, with info about the writers taking part, fundraiser events, programme updates and much, much more.

The Bristol Women’s Literature Festival is entirely unfunded. So if you want to support us, please donate through our PayPal account. No profits will go to the organisers, all the money will pay for the venue, publicity and travel costs. Any left over cash will be distributed between the speakers and women’s charities.

I can’t wait to see you all in March!

Sian x


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